Paul Wilson, Agile Business and Portfolio Management

I help exec’s & GM’s lead transformation programs

using the best mix of agile & new ways of work

You know how wrestling a business or digital transformation is pretty challenging!

Are you pondering how to best lead this change?

Are you struggling to implement new faster ways of work in your business?

What Paul does is work with Executives, GM’s and high performance teams speedily deliver high value solutions.

Most usually, this is accelerating business or digital transformation initiatives using agile, lean & new ways of work.

In fact, most days, you will find Paul in a large enterprise or consultancy leading, influencing and coaching teams delivering critical business objectives.

This involves navigating portfolio initiatives spanning mobilization, strategy, prototyping, human design, market launches, system delivery through to business cases, projects, programs or agile portfolios.

Paul is well known for his consultative approach, building energy in the room, lifting & motivating high performing teams and helping everyone hit the target.

Paul likes creating shared visions, leading, influencing & team storytelling around the "Why? What? Where? & "How will we create value?

Paul brings 25 years+ commercial experience across multiple sectors including banking, telecommunications, consulting, commerce, government and not for profits.

Paul is a Agile, Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist.”, Ideo Human Design, PMI PMP, ESI Program, Governance trained applying the best of new and traditional practices.

On weekends, you may spot Paul on an adventure on land & sea or listening to live music.




P.s. If you like to G.S.D. Get Stuff Done.

There is nothing I love more, than working with seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and ambitious corporations to take an initiative from concept into the market and operations.

I work closely with Executives, General Managers and Teams to move their initiatives profitably from backlogs to being released into the marketplace.

To get your epic goals from concept to reality, let's talk.

If you want to sprint, give me a call 1300 30 50 20 or email

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I am passionate about helping Exec’s, GM’s and High Performing Teams deliver high value results using the best of agile and new ways of works . Over the last 20 years, I have worked extensively with senior managers is large corporate enterprises and medium businesses helping them to get great stuff done. This has focused on delivering valuable business objectives, finding pragmatic ways to solve problems, challenges and providing insights to accelerate reaching your outcome.

Over the last 5 years, this has focused on business transformations using lean, agile and new works of works to thrive in disruptive, competitive and changing business landscapes.

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giving back

giving back

Over the last 15 years working with Not for Profits and NGOs, I have been focused on Giving Back by bringing effective project management to humanitarian and community projects. I was part of a team training more than 200 individuals in NGOs in Project Management and have worked with NGO’s, Managers and individuals to accelerate their projects. I have led community group run innovative festivals, build fund raising and previously been on the board of the NMHP Nurse and Midwifery Health Program providing wellness to 95000 Victorian nurses.

I have worked first hand, rolling up my sleeve in community events and have provided mentoring and pragmatic plans to “get great stuff done”.

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Paul is well known for telling stories.

He is a born storyteller and brings this into the professional life creating interesting narrative to connect teams to strategies. Bringing to life the big picture & grand visions that daily deliver connects to.

When it comes to presenting about ideas and projects, I bring an irreverent, personable and lively approach to telling stories to inspire people, helping them put their ideas into actions.

Drawing on life experience from my long travels and wide ranging work, I can weave insights about getting projects over the line from concept to completion. With a love of language, design, history, projects, stories and anecdotes, I can bring a depth of knowledge and provide compelling presentations to help motivate teams and individuals.

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