Do you have a great idea you are trying to launch?

Worried about stalled progress on your dream venture?

How to pay onerous bills while servicing banks and investors, trying to keep customers happy and looking for growth opportunities?

The hard truth of the entrepreneur’s dream is launching & managing a business is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

It is a very tough gig.

You’ll be surrounded by a lot of noise, and lots of challenges.

Your competition is always on the move: launching new products, growing their business, marketing, diversifying, expanding.

And if you’re wasting precious energy managing the wrong things, it’s easy to get left behind. 

This is why we created Idea Accelerator.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about turning great ideas into action.

This started at a young age, and has blossomed over time.

Over many projects and commercial ventures, the one super important thing I’ve learned is

Keep your eye on the client's goals




I like to call it. G.S.D.

Get Stuff Done.

 There is nothing I love more than working with seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and ambitious corporations to take an idea from concept into the market.

I work closely with my clients to move their ideas

profitably from the whiteboard to the marketplace.

To get your brilliant idea from concept to reality, let's talk.

We can quickly accelerate taking your ideas to the next level!

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I am passionate about helping people Turn Great Ideas into Action through Ideas Execution and Project and Value Management. Over the last 15 years, as Director for APX Consulting, I have worked extensively with Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs, helping them to get great stuff done. This centres on delivering what is valuable to you, finding pragmatic ways to solve your problems, challenges and providing insights to accelerate reaching your outcome.

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giving back

giving back

Over the last 10 years working with Not for Profits and NGOs, I have been focused on Giving Back by bringing effective project management to humanitarian and community projects. I was part of a team training more than 200 individuals in NGOs in Project Management and have worked with NGO’s, Managers and individuals to accelerate their projects. I have worked first hand, rolling up my sleeve in community events and have provided mentoring and pragmatic plans to “get great stuff done”.

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When it comes to presenting about ideas and projects, I bring an irreverent, personable and passionate approach to telling stories to inspire people, helping them put their ideas into actions. Drawing on life experience from my long travels and wide ranging work, I can weave insights about getting projects over the line from concept to completion. With a love of language, design, history, projects, stories and anecdotes, I can bring a depth of knowledge and provide compelling presentations to help motivate teams and individuals.

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