Whilst lot's of people have fantastic ideas.

Not everyone know's which one's are valuable, and how to accelerate them.

If that sound's like you, I can help you select and execute your best ideas and keep you on-track to reach your goals."

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about turning great ideas into action.

This started at a young age, and blossomed over time.

So I have a very long record of working with people to make great stuff happen.

During many, many projects and commercial engagements, the one thing I’ve learned that differentiates me is "maximising the value of people's ideas".

Experience built over time, built from my travels, built within work in commercial, not for profits and volunteer roles, has taught me what works best is helping clients achieve outcomes.

Here is a selection of real examples, where I worked with people on their ideas: 

  • Working with an ambitious business manager to move his business to the next level by launching new innovative products and services.
  • Advising start-up how to move from concept to execute mode.
  • Driving a corporate enterprise project to mobilise, deliver and launch a new business
  • Acting as a trusted advisor to an Executive or GM to deliver on a strategy or mobilising a program
  • Helping a CEO or NFP board decide whether social networking is right for them or devising a fundraising strategy and marketing plan.
  • Negotiating with musicians and fire twirlers for a community fund-raising event.
  • Leading a group of back-packers on their dream tour of Australia into the desert.
  • Sending a training team to Pakistan to train civil after a flood affecting 20M people.
  • Scaling a project management training team following the Black Saturday Disaster.
  • Selling a whole season of fly spray 20 years ago to a super-market in a country town.
  • Advising a passionate artist, how best to scale their Fundraising at an Art Gallery
  • Help a community campaigner run for office in PNG Highlands

Everyone with a fantastic idea benefits from guidance, to always keep your eye on the end game and help you reach your goal.

This draws on a wide range of experiences from sales, marketing, events and digital, under-pinned by strong project and value management over 20 years.

There is nothing I love more than working with seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and ambitious corporations to take an idea from concept into the market.

That's why I started Idea Accelerator to provide tailored & packaged consulting solutions.

This helps Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in companies and not for profits to get their Great Ideas from the Whiteboard to the Marketplace.

With an easy 3 step engagement approach based on a pragmatic approach to Accelerating Great Ideas.

This starts with you, throwing your ideas onto the table.

  1. We transform your best  Ideas into the packages that can be delivered.
  2. We help you define your Top Goals and Priorities.
  3. We move you forward with 60-90 day Drive Plans supported by an easy to follow visual plan

To get your brilliant idea from concept to reality, connect with me,

Let's have a coffee and throw your cards on the table.

Make 2017 the year you Accelerate Your Great Idea from the whiteboard to the marketplace.

Remember, it only takes one idea to change a lifetime.