Turning Great Ideas into Action 2017 : Throw your cards on the table

Turning great ideas into Action

Sometimes the best way to

"Turn your Great Ideas into Action" is very easy.

I say, let's keep it simple.

Where are we going to start?

Let's go! Throw your cards on the table and see where we land.

Tell me your story, and let the good cards reveal themselves (these are your great ideas).

  • Order your ideas
  • Set 2-4 goals
  • Prioritise them.
  • Turn them into 2+ 60-90 day plans

And you are up and running.

If you are looking to set-up for 2017, these "Ideas into Action" Tips can help you.

If you would to go from there, let's have a chat about using $1.49 app to frame your ideas and $29 app to frame your business model, value proposition and summary P&L, to see if it stacks up.

Remember, it only takes one great idea to change a lifetime.