The coolest way to pitch your idea

Imagine pitching your idea for 2 minutes in sub zero icy water.

How far would you go to pitch your idea?

Would you have what it takes to set the ice on fire?

Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu Finland  is literally the coolest way to pitch your idea.

Polar Bear Pitching on 15th February 2017 is where selected startups will pitch in an ice hole in the arctic.

A frosty competition where start-ups pitch to investors and media as quickly as they can from a freezing hole cut in the ice.

This is an arctic adventure that won't leave you too cold as they have heated saunas and hot tubs after your pitching dip.

Their mission is to create snowballs for success and strip down the barriers that block development and growth.

This epic mission demonstrates, Perseverance - Sisu - in pushing forward when going gets tough, Bravery - in stepping out of the comfort zone and aiming high and Playfulness - to remind that to be taken seriously one doesn’t need to be serious. It is a unique way to discover the frontiers of innovation and learn about cutting edge technologies.

If entrepreneurs succeed in giving a pitch in freezing cold water, they will succeed anywhere!”

 Innovation Hubs

We have seen in blog “What Australians can learn from Innovation Leaders Finland sections of Finnish society are embedded in innovation.  From schools to technology and medicine, to start-ups and creativity, Finland is routinely listed amongst the most innovative economies in the world. 

And it’s always fascinating to see what they’ll come up with next. 

The original idea Polar Bear Pitching  based in Oulu, a town ranked by Fortune as one of the best cities in the world for start-ups.

In Oulu, a town of over 198,000 inhabitants, fifth most populous city most northerly in the country and which is considered as one of Europe's "living labs", residents experiment with new technology.

Oulu Finland is a hub for world-class research and product development, and the University of Oulu has a proven track record in scalable innovations in the fields of wireless communications (e.g. GSM and KNL Networks), wearable technology (ŌURA wellness ring), disruptive geomagnetic indoor positioning system (Indoor Atlas), and AI-powered video analysis (Valossa).

The development of new products is agile in the intersection of different sectors, such as information and communications, nanotechnology, cleantech, life sciences and creative industries.

In the blog “Where Great Ideas Come from?” we learned about Darwin’s Paradox, which translates in the commercial arena as niche hubs being epicentres of ideas and innovation. With Polar Bear Pitching we see this principle come alive.

 Polar Bear Pitching Live Stream

You don’t need to travel to the artic to participate as you can watch on Live Stream.

Gather your community and friends and experience Polar Bear Pitching 2017 from your office by watching the online live stream! 

Buckle in with a Vodka and a herring.

Follow the live stream for free and be part of the coolest pitching competition.

Share the fun with us and your community, a front row seat is guaranteed